The Banking of Educational Experiences

The current methods of issuing accreditations are broken. Slow, print based physical pieces of paper that have to be verified, notarized and stamped before people even believe it's real. What if there was another way? What if the same way our bank accounts come with us on our phone, your degree, qualification or certificate could come too?

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What is bridges the gap between theoretical and practical qualifications, while bringing your knowledge and experience in to the digital world. Based around similar technology that enables BitCoin and BlockChain, is open, trusted, global and ready for you. Register now to stop worrying about those little pieces of paper.

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Re-Thinking Accreditation enables you think of accreditations as more than just a certificate, digital or print! breaks down accreditations for the digital age, spanning both theoretical and practical applications of Knowledge.


Accreditations can be traced back to the issuer, showing you exactly who, what, where and when issued the Accreditation. Easily weed out imposters!


Accreditations shouldn't just be about a Degree, makes it easy for everyone to issue accreditations. From HR departments safety training, to your local dog groomer.

Accreditations are more than just a university degree. Theoretical and practical applications of knowledge require certification across many fields.

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What does a digital accreditation look like?

Here's how digitises your knowledge and experiences.

Digital Accreditations - Theoretical, Practical, Memberships, Award, Social


Complete the training, course, professional development or conference. You now have a “Theoretical” knowledge of the content.


Issue social accreditations for real world achievements and experiences.


Prove it. Demonstrate your knowledge in real world environments and show your evidence!


Pay a membership due or complete a standard industry diagnostic.


Excelling in your field? Show everyone!


Visa, Right to work, anything you need to demonstrate competency and fit to work.

More than a Badge

Collecting badges can be fun, but when you want to demonstrate competency, they can sometimes lack the pedagogical context and substance. allows you to build complex syllabi, rubrics and evaluations that are issued alongside of the accreditation. These allow you complete flexibility to deep dive into the foundations of the accreditation, and truly understand the accreditation holder’s capability.

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